Day 100: Accept the nature of time and aim for the highest star.

Day 99: Use the knowledge of your natural dichotomy to pursue the light. However, keep the darkness in your mind, because the only way to slay the things in darkness is to partly become one yourself. {sold}

Day 98: New opportunities within everyday obligations.

Day 97: Isolation is a comfortable tasting, slow acting, invisible poison to the human spirit.

Day 96: A rested soul is rarely idle. [sold]

Day 95: Letting the world in with moderation while balancing old memories with the new.

Day 94: Pain has value when the will is worth the fight. [sold]

Day 93: Not getting carried away by feelings because they’re always grounded by reason. [sold]

Day 92: When hell and high water arrive…remember to swim.

Day 91: The wisdom that comes from the depth of the pathways that connect our cliche filled brain to all of our other parts.

Day 90: I can only sense the vastness of expanding space and time if I am not in the center of it all. Humility is a powerful tool.

Day 89: Being an embodiment of consciousness that reaches for the highest good is no easy task.

Mixed Media on Paper, 11 x 14 inches, 2017. Please email for prices.