Day 16: Let your mind be like fire. Obstacles will dim the flame at first. It consumes what’s given to it and in time burns more brightly.

Day 15: Seeing what needs to be done is most visible with closed eyes and a quiet mind.

Day 14: We swim in a stream with rocks made of indivisible points of time.

Day 13: Labor simply, with love, and for the common interest of man. Transcend divinity from within in order to cultivate gifts to give to others.

Day 12: To appreciate the imperfections that accompany beauty is to be close to nature. [sold]

Day 11: Fear stagnation, not change.

Day 10: Hold on to what you have now.

Day 9: A hurried life is an unexamined life. An unexamined life is a reckless life. Without conscious choices, you surrender your life and your decisions to others.

Day 8: The beauty of humanity + the ugliness of humans.

Day 7: Through stillness time can temper many things. [sold]

Day 6: “I’ll take a regular-medium with a shot of joy and a touch of wonder.”

Day 5: Full of the usual Saturday (three kids running around) distractions. Accept nature’s plan without a fight.

Mixed Media on Paper, 10 x 13 inches, 2017. Please email for prices.