Day 40: niceness + decency

Day 38: It’s not what you want in life, but what you want out of the whole thing that counts.

Day 37: She moved slowly and with precision in a haze of fatigue.

Day 36: Growing upwards, falling down, regrowing upwards, falling down.

Day 35: Things fill my life but they do not make it whole.

Day 33 + 34: Two ways of passing through [time].

Day 33 + 34: Two ways of passing through [time].

Day 32: Present conversations materialize then pass (like a fleeting Instagram post).

Day 31. I’ll be quiet and not force words into this post.

Day 30: To experience the full splendor of living in the world requires an obligatory temperance.

Day 29: A sip, a breath, a smile. Fleeting actions that engage our bodies should often be noted.

Mixed Media on Paper, 11 x 14 inches, 2017. Please email for price.