Day 76: Finding your own away amidst many currents.

Day 75: Standing beside the blossoming chaos.

Day 75: Standing beside the blossoming chaos.

Day 74: The devouring love and consumption of unguided innocence.

Day 73: Sweetness, youth, and the beginning of summer. [sold]

Day 72: Good, bad, order, + chaos are all eternal. It’s living in the balance of it all where we find our strength.

Day 71: Being still is accepting fate and free will, and there is a balance between complacency and urgency.

Day 70: The thousands of tiny movements found in the appearance of stillness and balance.

Day 69: Using what I have because it’s there.

Day 68: Be conscious of the part in your mind where opinions form. It’s there where you rule out feelings that can pull you up or tear you down.

Day 67: A loud memory ripples through the mind and deepens my existence within the present.

Day 66: Melting into passing moments.

Day 65: Second, third, and fourth guessing and knowing that nothing comes from guessing.

Mixed Media on Paper, 11 x 14 inches, 2017. Please email for prices.