Have patience with what you desire.
6.5 x 8 inches

A new way of seeing my old ways.
11 x 15 inches

Ineffectual Polite Conversation
11 x 15 inches

Sophisticated Play
11 x 14 inches

The future is a landscape of potential.
12 x 16 inches

I don’t like telling too much about myself…
12 x 16 inches

If we don’t move with time our past gathers in our shadow and pulls us back. We must let go of it all, even sometimes our dreams, for the sake of what we can become. 12 x 16 inches

I have answers to most of my dilemmas, the trouble is remembering them before I act. 12 x 16 inches

A comfortable position until your body parts falls asleep. 6 x 9 inches

A Fantasy, 11 x 15 inches., Mixed Media on Paper.

The beauty that exists beside your suffering. 12 x 16 inches

Mixed Media on Paper. Please email jessicammatier@gmail.com for prices.